Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Part of me can’t believe that I’m taking the time to write this, here on Monday morning the 14th (the day before the filing deadline for taxpayers and for we Fort Collins tax professionals!). But I also know if I don’t do it now, this tax season having been so full … well, I’ll admit that we can anticipate a bit of a break being needed come Wednesday for ol’ Team Judy Meyer :). And, of course, the other part of me (the wiser part) says: “Judy, helping Fort Collins area people with their taxes is only the means to a greater end: enabling your clients to live richer lives, without having to fret about the details.” My relationship with you is worth the time investment (and more). But that said, I wanted to take the time today, even in the midst of all of the intensity around here, to say […]

It’s the final full week of tax season, and our Fort Collins tax preparation office is hopping! I’m still taking the time to step away for a moment and write to you, my friend (if you have all your papers in, and are waiting for our completion — fear not! My team is hard at work, as I type …). This is often our busiest week of the year for Team Judy Meyer (so please be understanding), but it’s also the week when we receive, with clockwork regularity, many questions about extensions. But before I get there, a couple quick reminders about what ELSE the 15th means… 1) Tuesday, April 15 is the deadline to contribute to IRA’s, etc. in order to have them count on this year’s (2013) taxes. 2) It is also the deadline to claim the almost $800 million in unclaimed refunds for returns dating back to 2010. If you, […]

This is not an April Fool’s joke. I teased around the idea of playing some kind of prank on my readers, something about the tax code being abolished in favor of one short form of four pages … but I thought that would be cruel and unkind. Not that any of us here in Fort Collins would fall for it. Nobody would ever believe THAT. ( I’m quite serious today though, because I want to speak to a serious problem: procrastination. I have some thoughts for you on that, but before I get there, some important notes… Firstly, even at this late hour, we will gladly receive friends of our existing clients — we make a special point to accommodate clients’ friends, because we’ve found that our great clients have very good taste in friends. So, share this article with your friends right now and make sure they let us know you sent them. They […]

Well, before the weekend was over from our vantage point here in Fort Collins, Buffett’s billions were safe from any perfect brackets, and the field of 64 college basketball teams was narrowed down to 16 which nobody actually predicted — not even this humble Fort Collins tax preparer. Which, of course, is exactly how it always goes. We make plans, but life comes hurtling at us at speeds we never anticipate. Plans are made to be scrapped … but it’s the living AFTER those plans become irrelevant that really matters. Before I get into the meat of my note for our Fort Collins tax preparation clients this week, a few vegetables: * The IRS is warning of “the largest scam of its kind we have ever seen.”( – be on guard, people.) * There is still $760+ million in unclaimed tax refunds from 2010 waiting for its home. Make sure that your 2010 return was done PROPERLY […]

As I write this from the best Fort Collins tax preparer headquarters around, we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and most of the world is furiously analyzing and setting up their March Madness brackets — in order to vanquish and impress their friends and spouses, or perhaps to snag a shot at Mr. Buffett’s money ( Brackets, brackets, brackets. There’s even a bracket for Girl Scout cookies, for goodness sakes, on USA Today. ( And, of course, the old tax brackets — which we’re spending plenty of time with these days here at Team Judy Meyer! But no, St. Patrick did NOT create a retirement savings bracket. Not sure the fine old saint would have cared much about retirement, or basketball. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a subject (retirement, that is) which you should ignore. I did some simple math this week, based on a conversation with a Fort Collins tax […]

In early January, I sent a “checklist” email to our Fort Collins tax preparation business list (and if you’re not receiving our weekly emails, you really should fill out the quick form here on this page to receive a copy of one of our free reports — we’ll add you to our list as well, so you’ll be the among the first to receive important updates and exclusive offers from us), and it was one of our most popular messages. I guess it was handy! Putting together this list for those who are preparing taxes in the Fort Collins area may run slightly counter to my business goals — after all, we do get paid to do this on behalf of clients! That said, our mission is to ensure that EVERYONE in the local Fort Collins area saves the most possible when the IRS comes calling. Some of these may seem […]

We’ve been welcoming some happy (and former) TurboTax customers into our Fort Collins tax preparation headquarters this past week … a few of whom were frustrated by the delay in the software’s release of instructions for Form 8960 — which is the new 3.8% tax on net investment income. We have ways to work through that tax for our clients … but apparently, the software has been getting hammered by its users for the delay. (Just a sampling of some of the frustration out there: ) But that’s just one of the problems with trusting in a software for your taxes, and I’d rather not belabor the point I already made last week. And the IRS hasn’t been helping much either. From continuous news reports of employee fraud (like this recent one: ), to the familiar refrain of poor customer service ( … well, let’s just say that it’s never been more […]

Watching the Olympics the past couple weeks from Fort Collins tax preparation headquarters (well, not while we’re preparing your taxes, of course!), and on the heels of the Super Bowl, we’ve been treated to some pretty great commercials lately, haven’t we? Some of the spots for the Olympics were downright inspiring. But, of course, we all know that they are made with the express purpose to cause us to purchase. Either through creating dissatisfaction with our current lot, provoking envy/greed/jealousy/desire or by associating a brand with some really nice feelings. Now, I’m certainly not one to rail against marketing per se. In a sense, this blogpost on my Team Judy Meyer site is marketing (of a sort). But sometimes that marketing can lead Fort Collins-area consumers down a path which isn’t in their best interests. And though my writing this could easily be seen as self-serving, that doesn’t keep it from being true. […]

Scattershooting around the Fort Collins tax preparation world (taking note of the IRS’s recent “suggestion” to NOT call their phone support — which is fine for you, because you have *this* number: 970-490-2172), I still come back to the big question of the week: how did Valentine’s go? Some say it’s a “Hallmark Holiday”, but well — some spouses think otherwise, right? Well, if you blew it , I’ve heard that it’s NEVER too late. So make this week count, my friend. Now this past weekend’s festivities aren’t the only experience I have with the language of love. You see, we here at Team Judy Meyer meet with married couples from the Fort Collins region (and beyond) almost every week in the course of preparing taxes and handling other such matters. It’s part of what we do — and, as we do so, we get sort of a crash course in marital communication. Before […]

Now that the Super Bowl is over, and the football season is finished, we here in Fort Collins tax preparer land can now finally get back to looking forward to football season. And, of course, the commercials! (Which this year seemed a little … “ok” — though I think I will have dreams of that Doberhuaha for a while.) Anyway, you may have heard that tax season has officially “begun”. Well, when we here at Team Judy Meyer sit down with a Fort Collins tax preparation client during tax season, we are picking through history — we are helping you sort through your 2013, and make sure that the numbers match … AND, of course, that YOU are able to take advantage of every possible legal and ethical method to hold on to your hard-earned dollars (or sometimes receive a nice bump in your supply from a refundable tax credit). […]